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Domestic/Home Carer

Property Details

Seeking Home carer / Domestic carer

Family of two elderly parents with both children busy working adults. Parents are elderly with mother suffering from Lung Cancer (under treatment) and father still strong and mobile. Father is alert and able to handle himself well. Mother is able to eat on her own and can move around (toilet and bathrooms) with supervision. Job demand is light to moderate however, alertness and ability to react to electrical appliances, phone calls, lifting some heavier things (like furniture) and occasional response on healthcare needs.

Required scope of work:
1. Handle mother’s general well-being and accompany her during eating and personal hygiene.
2. No need to cook as most food is packed from catering.
3. Slight washing and domestic cleanliness.
4. Ability to drive would be an advantage as car is provided.
5. Keep the surrounding clean and alert in case of fever and falls.

Who are suitable for this job?

  • Housewife
  • Mid-age worker (female)
  • Nurse (while waiting for posting)
  • Unemployed

Interested, please contact Thomas Sim (012 – 8866 090) as soon as possible.

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