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findWHERE.info is a community website for agents and service specialists to showcase their expertise in a orderly recorded manner over time. It also harnesses GEOLINKING advertising as a niche area for expanding influence of agents to deliver value service to their clients.

GEOLinking Advertising is identifying and connecting businesses together using locality. real properties are valuable due to their good locality. hence, decision of investing, renting and purchasing property greatly depends on the amenities and business activities surrounding it.

findWHERE.info is designed to explicitly showcase “PEOPLE OVER PRODUCT” – YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT YOU SELL  among community of agents & specialists. 

We believe that in listing platforms today, PERSONS who are listing the product and services are NOT given rightful position and emphasis. Listing platforms only feature products and their price offers BUT not the expertise of the PERSONS selling it.

findWHERE.info is managed by

findWHERE.info is NOT a REAL ESTATE AGENCY. It is an advertising platform for Small & Medium Businesses throughout the region. The objective is to link up Small & Medium Businesses to enhance asset value using GEOLinkages.


findWHERE.info is a USER-DIRECTED, FRONT-END listing website – a PLATFORM for ADVERTISEMENT. 

This enables users to post advertisements from the front-end without worrying about code and programming. Thereafter, our admin will do the rest. We aspire to link up all the surrounding amenities which could enhance value of your asset/property/business/brand. As community of AGENTS and SPECIALISTS map out the region, their exposure in the PLATFORM will draw attention of the visitors. Hence, through the connection the PLATFORM merges the AGENTS and SPECIALISTS with their prospect CLIENTS.

Future of internet web-advertising will be sophisticated – especially the user-directed listing websites. The ONE-DIMENSION-PUSH-ADVERT currently used will be out-dated and thus better referral advertising mechanism will evolve. This is because advertisements in similar platforms will no more create value.

To us, the NEXT WAVE of internet web-advertising will ride on the GEOLOCATIONAL ability of GIS (Geographic-Information-System Mapping) and Comparative Index. We aim to incorporate GEOLocational listings and Comparative Index Ranking for better value delivery to our end-users.

We aspire to be part of this global phenomenon.

Our Vision

To establish a community of AGENTS and SERVICE SPECIALISTS throughout the region to cater for the increasing needs of professional consultation and service delivery. This includes real estate, investment and fund management, risk management like insurance & takaful, various renovation works and professional services where human factor impacts most in the decision making. 

The PLATFORM rides on GEOLINKING ADVERTISEMENTS integrating AGENTS with Small & Medium Businesses – our purpose is to provide Network-GEOLINKAGES for decision making of our clients and stakeholders to enhance business communications.

findWHERE is a platform to showcase the individual profiling of AGENT and SPECIALIST in the spirit of “PEOPLE OVER PRODUCT” where “YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT YOU SELL”.


Our Mission

Support AGENTS and SERVICE SPECIALISTS* in value delivery to their clients and stakeholders. Agents are individuals either on “contract for service” or “contract of service”, AND Service Specialists are business operators who offer their skilled based services.

findWHERE provides ASSET ENHANCEMENT information to ancillary businesses surrounding a property.

findWHERE enables better ADVERTISING IMPACT on valued clients and stakeholders by CROSS-LINKING Advertisement in a NETWORK.

findWHERE empowers DIGITAL PROFILING of AGENTS in order to enhance EXPOSURE in digital media.



Agents – Real Estate Agents/Negotiators, Mutual Fund Agents, Loan Bankers, Insurance Agents (General Insurance and Life Insurance), Financial Planners, Brokers and Financial Product Agents.

Service Specialists – see under GEOLINKAGE of BIZ/EDUCATION, where specialists are at times without a shop front, including but not limited to Plumbers, Electricians, Waterproofing, Cleaning Companies, Maids, Home Carer, Part-Time Nurse, etc

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