Frequently Asked Questions

What really is this website about?

findWHERE.info is a GEOLinking website connecting advertisement listings together with location linkages. In this way, a listing is seen with the amenities (brand outlets) surrounding it. These amenities are in fact advertisement on their own to promote the businesses surrounding the location.

There are so many similar listing websites, why this?

So far, as of April, 2021 there is no similar listing website like findWHERE.info in Malaysia (or even outside Malaysia).

Most listing websites are for the purpose of earning advertising fee (for the listing). Their job is just “pushing” advertisement to the internet. There is limited value creation. We are different.

We aspire to develop a network of linkages for ancillary support to each an every listing there is in this website. We do NOT just stop at making your advertisement appear in the platform, we link them up with other businesses that can enhance your asset value.

Our objective is to showcase your listing with values of ancillary support services & amenities surrounding your asset – be it another property, a business, a heritage building or a service (eatery, bakery, shopping, medical, biz, education, sports & recreation). We call this the 8 strategic linkages.

Why is it this way?

GEOLinking properties to the ancillary support amenities can enhance living comfort as amenities will provide supports for the family. For example, a working family would prefer to send their children to school nearby and have meals at eateries in the vicinity. Busy modern living would want to save time and money for convenience of satellite townships where all amenities are just a stone throw away!

What Is your winning Formula?

A listing platform like findWHERE.info is a winning strategy to enhance asset value by showcasing the proximity of properties to their amenities.

We have selected the 8 strategic linkages to focus on the listings. Refer above for the details.

What is so special about findwhere.info?

findWHERE.info is a front-end posting website. This is very easy to use website for listing of your advertisements. You just need to sign in as a subscriber, and you can straightaway start posting your advertisement at no COST!!!

Is there a fee for your service?

We are just starting out and mapping the region. Hence, we do NOT collect any advertising fee. However, if you like our work we can come to a joint-venture which will expand this business.

Who should list in this website?

Real estate professionals, owners and landlords; vehicle and transport sales, business operators (food and beverages); institutions of healthcare, education and tourism, including sports and recreational activity operators. 

Where is your office?

We have a registered company at MJC Batu Kawah New Township, Jalan Batu Kawa, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak. Please see the company at below link.

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Where is the website hosted?

The hosting server for this website is in Singapore.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

You are most welcome to contact Thomas Sim at

What else do you have to offer?

The founder of this website – Thomas Sim, is also the founder of the below websites:

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