findWHERE Series – 22 Chapters

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findWHERE Series of 871 Slides over 30 major topics (Video Recordings) is a concise collection of common matters relating to Real Estate Investing and Selling Issues in Malaysia. It is tailor-made for estate agency practitioners and other people on the street, as general knowledge and specific to real estate investing in Malaysia.

This series is particularly done for my preparation of Test of Professional Competence (Oral) Examination, as it summarizes the major topics of the Estate Agency Practice in general categories. These categories are Introduction, Basics (extension: Classification & Category), Dealings (extension: Caveat-What is it?), Vendor (extension: Died-What’s Next?, RPGT Recent Changes & CKHT Forms), Buyer (extension: Buy or Rent?), Developer, Lawyer, Agent (extension: Withholding Tax), Banker, Valuer & PM, Landlord, Tenant, Portfolio (extension: RPC Shares), Government, Foreigner, IT Platform, IPI, Agent’s Edu, Scams, 3% Exclusive, Summary & Extension Chapter on Stamp Duty Exemption was included to explain the changes from 2019 to 2021. Addition topics included DCR (Data Compliance Report), Right of Way and Sarawak Agriculture Land.

This collection would also be helpful for those who are into the profession of Real Estate Negotiators and purchasers/investors of properties at large. In other situations, it is also a resource area for prospect tenants and landlords.

The website for this collection is, and

001 – Introduction

002 – Basics

Extension on Land Classification & Category of Land Use (16 Apr, 2022)

003 – Dealings

Extension on Dealings – What is “Caveat”?

004 – Vendor

Extension on land ownership when death occurred (20 Apr, 2022)
Extension on CKHT Forms for RPGT

005 – Buyer

006 – Developer

007 – Lawyer

008 – Agent

009 – Banker

010 – Valuer & PM

011 – Landlord

012 – Tenant

013 – Portfolio

Extension on RPC Shares Part 1
Extension on RPC Shares Part 2

014 – Government

015 – Foreigner

016 – Is it a Scam?

017 – 3% Exclusive

018 – iT Platform

019 – IPI

020 – Agent’s Edu

021 – Summing Up

022 – Stamp Duty Exemption 2019-2021

023 Buy or Rent? Which is better?

024 RPGT Recent Changes Compressed

025 Right of Way

026 Sarawak Agriculture Land


Part 1 AML CFT
Part 2 AML CFT

028 Withholding Tax – read further on scope of “company” as in ITA, 1967.

S.107D ITA Withholding Tax
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