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We are looking for a part-timer who is passionate about end stage cancer care. He or she can be a nurse or a healthcare person or a person who has calling to contribute in a selfless manner to terminal cancer care.

This part-time staff will assist us in carrying out Home Care Programme for Sarawak Hospice Society (no age limit). Persons interested in non-gov organization (NGO) work especially palliative care and cancer related management can contact me for more information. Cancer survivors are most welcome to step forward.

This job is a lot about cancer care and ability to advise family members on few of the below aspects within the city of Kuching. Ability to drive will be a prerequisite as the team (plus accompanying doctor) will need to find patients’ home.

1. Advice on caring of patient within home setting.
2. The prevention of bed sores and wound care.
3. Simple physiotherapy and exercises in home setting.
4. Nutritional matters.
5. Advice on medication for optimal pain and symptom control.
6. Rental of equipment for home setting (oxygen machine, ripple mattress & wheelchair)

About Sarawak Hospice Society:
We are a NGO for cancer hospice and we have a history of 20 years home care activity in Kuching. We are guided by a senior consultant oncologist and palliative care physician who is dedicated for this programme.

Interested, please contact me at below.

012 8866 090
Thomas Sim

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